Mundra Hills MT4 tiger released

Rajasthan: Lone tigress in Mukundra may not get mate soon


The lone surviving tigress MT-4 at Mukundra Hills in Tiger Reserve (MHTR) is not likely to get companion soon. The forest department continues to wait for the permission of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) to relocate another tiger to the reserve. The tigress has been living alone in the 24-hectare enclosure for the last five months.

A senior official source said the NTCA was neither in a mood to release the tigress in existing 82 square kilometre enclosure in the forest nor give permission to relocate a male tiger to pair up with the tigress. Moreover, as there is acute shortage of skilled patrolling staff, the department is apprehensive to release the tiger in Darrah range (outside the 82 square kilometre enclosure) where the tigress was living earlier. “After the mysterious deaths of the tigers, the NTCA is not giving permission to release tigress MT-4 in the 82 square kilometre enclosure. Also, relocation of male tiger is not on the cards in near future.”

Wildlife enthusiasts alleged that due to ill-planning of the state forest department not only public money is wasted, lone big cats are leading a miserable life in big cages. The tigers were relocated in the Darrah range after constructing 24 kilometre chain-link fencing and 31kilometre of stone wall.

The full article was published by Times of India on March 1, 2021.