Genetic analysis

Genetic analysis as part of counting tigers


The next tiger census in Indian state Karnataka could be different. Maybe elephants are to be counted too. Also the counting will be more scientific. The Ministry of Environment and Forests is also thinking of genetic analysis. This can create a database which may help in solving poaching and other wildlife-related cases. 

This was discussed at a meeting. Officials from tiger reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, heads of forest departments from all states, officials of the ministry and from the Wildlife Institute of India gathered earlier this month. They also talked on how the tiger census should be undertaken because of the Covid-19 situation. This will happen during the post monsoon.

“It was a preliminary meeting. Nothing has been finalised as of now.” a senior official told the New Indian Express. “Discussions were on genetic and DNA analysis of elephants and tigers. It was discussed how to take it up on an experimental basis. It could be in some areas, while the census covers the entire terrains. Nothing has concretised so far. It was just a thought process.”