Non-protected areas: As tigers venture outside reserves, a need to rejig conservation model.

Human tiger-conflict tiger

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The Indian Express



Pandharkawda is no tiger reserve. Yet, one of the most gripping tiger stories to have emerged out of India’s forests in recent times was in this forest division in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra, where T1, a tigress nicknamed Awani who had been declared a maneater, was shot dead last year in controversial circumstances.

Over 150 km away, is Bramhapuri. Like Pandharkawada, this forest division in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra has had its share of man-animal conflicts. Over the last seven months, tigers and leopards have claimed about 10 human lives and the Forest Department has had to move out at least two tigers and two leopards.


Because Indian tiger reserves get full of tigers other problems, like human-tiger-conflicts and poaching will increase. Therefore India needs to develop its conservation model.