No More Maneaters.

Shafat Ali Khan Avni tiger killer

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One year after Avni’s death, Centre revises guidelines.


Over a year after T1, popularly known as Avni the tigress, was shot dead by father-son — Shafat Ali Khan and Asghar Ali — who were ‘prima facie guilty of unauthorised shooting’, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has come out with a revised standard operating procedure (SOP) for dealing with a similar situation.

The communication dated November 11 chalks out the revised ‘SOP to deal with emergency arising due to straying of tigers in human-dominated landscapes.’ It has made several replaces in the course of action and said “usually a time lapse of 10-15 minutes should be given prior to taking any further action on the darted animal as the induction time varies based on physiological status of the animal, which should be left to the judgement of the veterinarian present in the team.”


The Indian Tiger authority (NTCA) has skipped the word maneater from their guidelines.

Problem tigers will now be called: animal dangerous to human life.

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