Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is upping tiger protection upped


Forest Department will set up anti-poaching camps within the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary so as to shore up protection of tigers and wild animals.

The Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is now found to be a home for tigers after the presence of three tigers was photo-captured in cameras traps at different locations.

According to deputy conservator of forest (wildlife and eco-tourism), North division, Jabestin Arulraj the anti-poaching camps will be put up in all the wildlife sanctuaries in the State but now three anti-poaching camps will be set up within the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary so as to strengthen protection for wildlife animals. 

Jabestin said that the decision to strengthen protection in the wildlife sanctuary has been taken following the visit of officials of the National Tiger Conservation of India (NTCA).

“We had anti-poaching camps in the villages but outside the sanctuary area. The NTCA team suggested that anti-poaching camps be set up inside the sanctuary and make it operational 24×7,” Jabestin said, adding that three such anti-poaching camps are being put up in Surla, Golavi and Assolde areas.   

The anti-poaching camp buildings are ready and by next month manning will start by forest guards and trackers, he said.

“We are following all the suggestions given by the National Tiger Conservation Authority and we have also made wireless communications operational. A watch-tower has also been set up at Gululem check-post, near Anjunem dam,” Jabestin said.