Marathons In Indian Tiger Reserve: Where Is The Respect?

Tiger Marathon

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India – Times of India

Marathon organisers flout rule in Mukundra tiger reserve.


In blatant violation of the Wildlife Protection Act, the forest department has allowed marathon organisers to set up a stage and use hand-held loudspeakers on the fringes of Mukandra Hills Tiger Reserve (MHTR) core area on Sunday.

Tents were also put up for distribution of food near the critical tiger habitat. After TOI highlighted this issue, the forest department had on October 28 ordered that the marathon would be held only on the motorable road and no activities would be allowed. The order, however, appeared to be an eyewash as the organisers in presence of forest staff violated the norms blatantly near the core area.



In India something definitely goes wrong with tiger conservation.

Now a permit has been given to have a marathon in a tiger area.

How crazy can it get?

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