Tribals block

Tribals block Satkosia tiger expansion project


Tribals block Satkosia tiger expansion project. They refuse to move out of a proposed expanded tiger area. They are demanding rehabilitation before displacement, a report said. This cam after an attempt to turn the Satkosia region under Mahanadi wildlife division. This means it spreads over Nayagarh, Angul and Boudh districts.

Most of the local inhabitants are tribals. They claim that the government should consider their rehabilitation and livelihood. That is before taking any step to displace them from their homestead. This attitude of the tribals has put the government in a fix.

Reports said that the NTCA, the Indian tiger authority, and the state government have now joined forces. The state government tried to increase the tiger population in the area. They even brought a tiger from the Kanha Wildlife Sanctuary and a tigress from the Bandhavgarh National Park.

The male tiger was identified as Mahavir, while the female tigress was Sundari. However, Mahavir succumbed to unknown diseases during his stay at Satkosia. While the Sundari’s attacks on local residents ceated unrest in the area.

Meanwhile, the state government had issued a notice seeking to displace inhabitants. Raiguda village in Angul district, Marda in Boudh district, Kuturi, Salapganda, Musuguda, Bedadi, Kumuri, Tudungi and Damaghati in Nayagarh district. This happened in 2018 and 2019.

All the line departments such as Revenue, Panchayati Raj and Wildlife tried to persuade the villagers. They conducted meetings in every village to leave their homestead. The concerned officials also explained in details the displacement process. Also the compensation meant for the residents if they agree to the demands of the government. However, the tribals block the intentions. They don’t want to move out from their native villagers. They have been living there for several years.