Pana Sankranti

Pana Sankranti: Indian Tiger Reserve officials on hunting alert ahead


Pana Sankranti is the celebration of a new year in Indian state Odisha. And it will be a little over a week away. Indian tiger reserve Similipal Tiger Reserve (STR) management has intensified surveillance. Why? To stop ‘Akhand Shikar’: the ritualistic hunting of wild animals.

National park authorities have decided to engage with additional security forces. This is for surveillance besides the creating of awareness among tribals in order to change their mind towards poaching. Organising sporting activities across the villages is a key element in the strategy. “Pana Sankranti” will be on April 14.

Mass hunting is a practice under which villagers from around the forests enter the national park. They poach animals. They also create forest fires. This us done to hunt the small animals.

The regional Chief Conservator of Forest (FCCF) who is also the Field Director of Similipal National Park said ‘Akhand Shikar’ stopped four years ago. But fears remain.

The full article was published by The New Indian Express on April 6, 2021.