Indian Women That Protect Our Forests: A Big Thank You!


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India – The New Indian Express

Women in the wild: Here are five ladies who have dedicated their lives to saving forests.


While there are many crusaders, here are five women who have dedicated their lives in saving our forests and wild animals for a greener future.

Latika Nath: Known as India’s tiger princess, Latika is the country’s first wildlife biologist to hold a doctorate on tigers. She is just a tiger conservationist, and a wildlife photographer who, at seven, knew that she wanted to be an ecologist. Latika’s work has been featured in a documentary called The Tiger Princess and another programme called Wild Things. She has also contributed to films like Sita’s Story and A Tale of Two Tigers.


Many people work in (tiger) conservation. But not many women.

This article gives the credits to a few of them, giving their best to save our tigers or our forests.

A big thank you!

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