Wildlife experts angry and sad of motorists feeding Amur tiger


The Amur Tiger Centre has condemned  motorists who filmed themselves feeding an adult Amur tiger they met on a drive across Primorsky region. 

The Far Eastern experts, who have spent years bringing the endangered predators back from extinction, and take a lot of measures to prevent potential conflicts between humans and tigers, said they were bitterly disappointed with the video. 

‘When will you smarten up, people? Now this appeared a good-natured step, like ‘LOL we are feeding a tiger’. But once a tiger understands the link between food and humans there will be screams ‘Help! Save! Tiger came to a residential settlement!’ 

‘Under other circumstances we would have used a well-known phrase by Sergey Lavrov (**** imbeciles!, The Siberian Times), but now we’ll just say that we categorically condemn such behaviour,’ the team wrote on its social media.