West Sumatra tigers

West Sumatra tigers repeatedly sighted in Kota Rantang


Three West Sumatra tigers have repeatedly trespassed into the farmland of Kota Rantang. This is a village in Palupuah Sub-district, Agam District, West Sumatra Province. The tigers attacked the cattle.

“There are one adult and two young West Sumatran tigers. They caught hold of two goats while they were roaring around the farmland.” Eka (35), a resident of Kota Rantang, stated on Monday.

The goats were owned by a villager, which name is Rasik (60). They were snatched and devoured by the tigers, while grazing in a farmland. This was about one kilometer away from the village, he revealed.

The West Sumatran tigers (Pantera Tigris Sumatrae) have been spotted in the farmland over these past two months. They also attacked a dog of a villager, according to Eka.

The recurrent tiger sightings around the village’s farmland and woods have instilled a sense of fear. This fear prevents the villagers from working in their agricultural areas, he noted.

The full article was published by Antara News on April 12, 2021.