Asifabad tiger

Two tigers attack herd of cattle in Asifabad


Two tigers reportedly attacked a herd of cattle and mauled two cows when they were grazing in an agriculture field on the outskirts of forest fringe Kuntalamanepalli village in Bejjur mandal on Thursday evening.

Locals said that two big cats, prowling in a cotton field pounced on the herd which was returning home at around 6 pm. They attempted to kill two cows by attacking their necks. They, however, left the spot and entered the wild when two shepherds, Naitham Mangaiah and Soyam Shankar, and some motorists raised an alarm.

Mangaiah and Shankar told reporters that they had witnessed when two carnivores were trying to attack the herd. They said that they could save the lives of the cattle by making noise with the help of motorists and passengers who were travelling in an auto-rickshaw on Dabba-Bejjur route at the time of the incident. They added that they were tensed to directly see the tigers.

The full article was published by Telangana Today on February 26, 2021.