Nagarahole tiger

Nagarahole tiger hunted after attacking cattle


The search for a wild Nagarahole tiger on a prowl at Nagarahole National Park has begun with the help of domesticated elephants.

The Nagarahole tiger tiger has been attacking the cattles and other domestic animals in Dasanapura and Doddahejjoor, the villages near Nagarhole National Park in Hunsur taluk. It has taken lives of over five cattle too in about a week.

Farmers who are already in hardship due to covid are afraid to leave to the farm for work. Moreover, farmers are outraged that the tiger us attacking animals not only in the tiger attacks on Dasanapura and Doddahejjoor but also of Negathur and Kachivinahalli villages.

Hence, the forest department, with the help of villagers and domesticated elephants, Krishna and Gopalaswamy, have begun the search operation from fields near Hanumantapura, Haleyoor in Doddahejjoor. Though tiger was visible in the bamboo bushes alarmed by the forest officials and over 300 villagers the tiger ran for cover and is now on the run in the forest bushes.