Siberian tiger

Heilongjiang tiger caught after attacking villager and sent to Chinese tiger farm


In Chinese Heilongjiang province a wild Siberian tiger entered a village in Mishan. The tiger that hurt a villager on Friday has been caught. It is sent to the China Hengdaohezi Feline Breeding Center in Mudanjiang, a tiger farm.

Local police received a report at around 6 am on Friday. A tiger had been found in an abandoned house in Linhu village, Mishan. It had hurt a female villager working on farmland. Police officers quickly arrived at the village and secured the scene and evacuated residents.

Three wildlife experts from the Heilongjiang Endangered Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center set out from Yichun. They went out for the village, soon after getting the news. The experts tranquillised the Heilongjiang tiger after arriving at around 7 pm. The they put it in a cage.

Cui Yan, head of the team, told Science and Technology Daily: “If we find a tiger in the wild, we drive it into the mountains. But this Heilongjiang tiger strayed into the village and might hurt more people, so we had to catch it.”