Visit to Sundarbans leads to tiger attack – father saves son


A visit by a honey gatherer has been saved from the attack of a Bengal Tiger. This took place in the Satkhira part of west Sundarbans.

The tiger mauled him. He wounded his shoulder and hands. The honey collector is Rabiul Sheikh (25). His father, Halim (55) snatched Rabiul from the tiger’s mouth.

The visit took place in the deep forest of the Sundarbans. A group of honey gatherers went to collect honey, which is an illegal activity.

They took him first in a boat after the visit. Later a coast guard speedboat helped him to visit a physician on Wednesday morning.

Rabiul Sheikh said: “I saw a tiger running to me. Seeing the tiger I got behind a tree. The tiger came like a bullet from a gun. It dashed me to the ground and bit me. My father was there. He hit the tiger with a stick and snatched me from the tiger. The tiger attacked me from the front.”

He said the incident took place while they were walking beside a canal. It happened around 5:00pm on Tuesday afternoon.

#TigerNews: Read the full article on Proto Malo, published on April 15, 2021.