Wayanada tiger to zoo

Captured Wayanada tiger shifted to Thrissur zoo


Officials of the North Wayanad forest division on Saturday shifted a tiger captured from a human habitat at Vellarippalam in the district to the Thrissur zoo.

The tiger, aged about 10 years, which triggered panic among local residents at Ozhakkody, Muthirery, and Makkikolly under the forest division, was captured on Wednesday.

Under observation

The animal, identified as a resident of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, was under observation at the forest Inspection bungalow at Thirunelly.

The predator was shifted to the zoo after it was found that the animal was not fit for release in the wild as it had lost its canine teeth, North Wayanad divisional forest officer Remesh Bishnoy said.

The full article was published by The Hindu on March 13, 2021.