Kanha National Park tiger

Enthousiast conservation expert visits Kanha National Park


Aniruddha Mookerjee has spent over two decades in conservation. He worked with organisations like the Wildlife Trust of India, World Animal Protection and the University of Oxford. Mookerjee says: “Kanha National Park is perhaps the best-managed tiger reserve in India. It can be counted among those across the world that provide a superlative wildlife experience to the visitor. Kanha can boast of a conservation success in the early 1960s. Then it brought back the hard ground Barasingha in its last refuge from the brink of extinction.”

The population of Barasinghas was rekindled by the authorities. How? By constructing a large enclosure at the heart of the jungle. In 2015, the population of Barasinghas had grown to around 600. From that moment the enclosure was no longer used. The species is now being reintroduced to the jungles of Satpura.

The Kanha National Park is one of the nine national parks in Indian state Madhya Pradesh (MP). Kanha is arguably one of the best known. This is not without reason. Kanha is the largest in MP – spread across a total area of 1945 square kilometres. This includes the buffer and core zone. The National Park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1933. Later it was upgraded to a National Park in 1955.

The park has over 150 tigers.

#TigerNews: Read the full article on Business Insider, published on  March 28, 2021.