Tiger penis

Monkey meat aphrodisiacs, tiger penis soup and chimp blood….how bush meat could cause new pandemic worse than Covid


Monkey meat aphrodisiacs, tiger penis soup, and chimp blood – these are just some of the bush meat items which could trigger a pandemic even worse than coronavirus.

Experts and campaigners have sounded the alarm as they told The Sun Online how the global trade in meat and body parts from wild animals which they fear could allow unknown viruses to jump to humans.

Scientists fear that wild animals are one of the biggest dangers in new viruses crossing to man as the natural world shrinks while humanity continues to expand.

And humankind is playing a dangerous if it not only risks contact with the animals potentially containing viruses, but also eat them or harvest them for their supposed medicinal or sexual properties.

Zoonoses, where a virus is passed from animals to humans, are already occurring at an alarming rate as humans advance into animal habitats and climate changes alters migratory patterns.

The whole article was published by The Sun on March 12, 2021.