Different Rules For Pregnant Tigers?

Pregnant tiger

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India – The New Indian Express

National Tiger Conservation Authority must frame rules for pregnant tigers: Karnataka vets.


Just after the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) released its revised guidelines, veterinarians are now questioning why no decision was taken with regard to lactating or pregnant carnivores.

According to Karnataka Forest Department officials, NTCA needs to issue guidelines on what needs to be done if a tiger has strayed out of a defined forest area and is searching for a new territory. This has become more important after some cases of sub-adult tigers venturing outside forest areas in search of a new territory resulted in man-animal conflicts. The decision on these two subjects and many others will be taken at the NTCA meeting to be held on Thursday and Friday, where heads of all the tiger reserves will participate.


After the new NTCA guidelines ventinarians wonder why there are still no guidelines on how to deal with pregnant tigresses, in case of problems.

Maybe the NTCA can look into this easy matter soon?

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