Bandhavgarh cubs

Bandhavgarh cubs flourish – Camera traps spot 41 tiger cubs in reserve


In some good news from the conservation of India’s national animal, foresters have spotted nearly 41 tiger cubs in the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve (BTR) in Madhya Pradesh.

According to officials, they have spotted a total of 41 tiger Bandhavgarh cubs in the protected area, including actual sightings and those identified from camera traps.

These tiger cubs, they said range from newborns to one-year-olds.

“The forest staff after analysing the data has found over 41 tiger cubs, from newborns to one year olds, at BTR,” principal chief conservator of forest (wildlife) Alok Kumar said.

As per the data, four eight to 10-month-old Bandhavgarh cubs were spotted in Kallavah beat, while 12 in the same age group were seen in Pator.

Similarly, five cubs of a tigress identified as T-17 were seen in Tala beat, four six-month-old cubs were spotted in Dhamakhor, while Panpatha core and buffer areas have two three-month-old big cats each, it was stated.

Apart from these, Bhanpur has two newborns, five cubs aged 10 to 12 months old were seen in Maghdi beat and four in the age group of eight to 12 months old in Khitouli, the official said, adding that two cubs were spotted in a cave in Badkheda beat.