Conservation Success Leads To Tiger Exfiltration.

Karnataka tiger

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Growing tiger numbers leads to big cats spilling out of forests in Karnataka.


In July 2019 India had reasons to cheer after the Prime Minister announced the All India Tiger Estimation results of 2018. In four years, India had seen an increase of 700 of these big cats. But with the growth in tiger population, bigger challenges now face the forest departments.

On October 13, a 4-day operation by the Karnataka Forest department led to the capture of a young tiger from around the Bandipur Tiger Reserve. The tiger had been tormenting villagers, by killing 2 people and over a dozen cattle. 6 veterinarians, multiple teams and forest department elephants identified the tiger using camera traps and pug marks and managed to tranquilise it.

But while the department has been lauded for capturing the big cat, the problems are bigger than that.


Because Indian state Karnataka has been successful with tiger conservation some of the forests are filled with tigers.

So they go looking for other places, also entering human habitats. The result: increasing human-tiger conflicts.

The state of Karnataka refuses to expand the tiger areas in a real progressive way, getting more and citizens jeopardized by growing chances on human tiger conflicts.

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