S.G. Neginhal

S.G. Neginhal dies at 92 – forest officer who turned Bengaluru in India green and launched Project Tiger in Karnataka


Noted forest officer and the man responsible for the greenery Bengalureans enjoy today, S.G. Neginhal, has died of COVID-19 at the age of 92.

S.G. Neginhal was responsible for launching Project Tiger in Karnataka in 1973. He oversaw the planting of around 1.5 million trees in Bengaluru over a span of five years and was very keen on social forestry.

S.G. Neginhal always taught young recruits that being a forest official is a very noble profession as by planting a tree, you are not just greening an area, but supplying oxygen, giving home to birds, insects, fruits, shade and rich biodiversity to all species.

Survived by one son and four daughters, his dedication serves as an inspiration for all forest officials to follow.