An Underestimated Country – Bangladesh.

Bangladesh tiger

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Bangladesh - A Treasure Trove Of Biodiversity.


Bangladesh, despites its small landmass and huge population, is endowed with a rich biodiversity. Due to its geographic location, flora and fauna of Indian subcontinent and South-east Asia overlap in Bangladesh as a transitional zone. The fertile delta of the three mighty rives -the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna and their year-round flow combined with monsoon and tropical climate keep the country lush green for most part of the year.

All these factors make Bangladesh’s biodiversity very unique. Table 1 provides a list of faunal diversity of Bangladesh in comparison with neighbouring India–a mega biodiverse country, and the world.


Bangladesh is a beautiful country, underestimated by many. It has so much to offer regarding to biodiversity.

One of the crown jewels is the Sundarbans – the worlds largest mangrove forest. And within this beautiful swamp-like area lives the Royal bengal tiger.

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