An 80 km Journey To Get Captivated.

80 km tiger journey

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India – Star of Mysore

From Nagarahole to Bandipur: T-18’s 80-km journey.


The tiger that was tranquillised and captured near Bandipur Tiger Reserve on Sunday is under close observation at the Chamundi Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre set up by Mysuru Zoo at Koorgalli on the outskirts of Mysuru. The middle-aged tiger is in a healthy condition, Forest Department officials said.

In a massive hunting operation lasting five days, the tiger was traced and captured on Sunday in the forest with the help of Soliga tribals, who are experts in hunting wild animals on foot.

The tiger remained elusive since Oct.9 after claiming farmer Shivappa as its second victim a day earlier and a month after mauling Shivamadaiah, another farmer to death inside the forest. It had also killed 14 cattle heads during the last two months.


The Bandipur tiger was a young, sub-adult tiger that was looking for a new home, as it appears now.

T-18 was from Nagarahole, a tiger area some 80 kms from where it was captured. Because it needed a place to live, not able to fight with adult tigers, it most probably lived at the fringes of forests to avoid other tigers, where it could get easy prey too – before mating and setlling somewhere definitely.

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