Camels for patrolling in wildlife sanctuaries – Rajasthan MLA suggestion


Bharat Singh, Rajasthan MLA from Kota’s Sangod, is also a member of the state wildlife board. He has suggested that patrolling in state’s wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves is done using camels. This is for greater efficiency and to aid camel conservation.

The chief wildlife warden of Rajasthan, Mohanlal Meen, got a letter of Singh. In it he claimed that the camel population in the state was declining. He said it is due to lesser demand for camel rides. Furthermore he said the issue had often been brought up in the state assembly. He argued that using camels for patrolling in sanctuaries could prove to be a win-win.

The letter mentions that vehicles of the wildlife department break down frequently. They go through intense wear and tear. This is due to use on the rough and often muddy roads in sanctuaries. Camels can be used for patrolling.

#TigerNews: Read the full article on The Hindustan Times, published on April 2, 2021.