Captive tigers

US has more captive tigers than the world has wild ones


A number of senators in the use attempts to ban private ownership of big cats. They say they are influenced by Tiger King, the popular Netflix documentary series where captive tigers were exploited.

A group of bipartisan senators announced the news. They will introduce and support a bill. This US bill would ban unlicensed ownership of lions and tigers.

The Big Cat Public Safety Act already passed in the House in December 2020. It also proposes the banning of public handling of cubs at zoos and exhibits.

The ownership of captive tigers and other big cats as pets would be banned. Zoos, sanctuaries and other licensed venues would be exempt.

According to NGO WWF, there are around 5,000 tigers living in the US. This is either in zoos or private facilities. This is more than 3,890 estimated in the wild.

The original article was published by The Independent on April 21, 2021.