Administrative Failure

Administrative failure leaves Dampa Tiger Reserve unprotected


On Monday around 140 wildlife guards went on a strike. They were protesting against the non-payment of salaries, an administrative failure. The guards are employed on contractual basis at Dampa Tiger Reserve (DTR) in Mizoram.

“We had not received salary for 6 months,” said a guard. He has over 15 years of experience at DTR. “We went back to work the next day. The Field Director assured us that salaries will be cleared soon. But then they fired us,” he added. 

Officially, there was a total of 178 wildlife guards. On the same day all were dismissed from duty.

After that interviews for ‘fresh engagement’ were conducted between April 10 and 14. In conclusion all but 5 of the 178 guards were ‘freshly’ rehired.

C. Remtluanga, president of the National Trade Union of Mizoram, reacted on the administrative failure. “This is very usual in Mizoram. It happens in other departments also, like minor irrigation and agriculture.”

The original article was published by News Click on April 20, 2021.