Tiger Trainers – Part Of The Supply Chain For Tiger Exploitation.

Tiger circus

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USA – San Antonio Express News

An Unspoken Bond Between Trainers And Their Circus Animals.


Elsewhere in the arena is Ryan Holder with his “girls.” That’s what he calls his female tigers.


Holder leans against the cage that surrounds the ring. He is inside the ring with four tigers. All he has with him is his phone.

He bends down and one of the white American tigers rubs against his black shirt, leaving a trail of fur on it. On the front of his shirt is his company name, ShowMe Tigers.


More and more countries have a ban for circuses that exploit wild animals.

But not the USA – one of the three countries in the world that can be described as the axis of evil for tigers (with Thailand and China as the two others).

As long as this is allowed, tigers (and other animals) are being exploited, have to live in small cages, are being dominated and mentally destructed, without proper food and with a constant public pressure to deal with.

Tiger trainers are an important part of tiger exploitation. Ryan Holder is a part of a nasty supply chain, and he is even proud of what he is doing.

He even braggs about having donated US$ 30.000 to tiger conservation.

It’s like making money out of molesting children and then donating to a charity that warns about molesting children.

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