Chinese Circus Tiger Killed After Escape.

Tiger circus

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China – South China Morning Post

Circus Tiger Escapes During Show In China, But Dies After Being Captured And Sent To Zoo.


A circus tiger that escaped from its cage during a show in central China was captured by police after an overnight search, but died while it was being transported to a nearby zoo, according to media reports.

Two people from the circus where the tiger was raised in the county of Yuanyang, Henan province, have been detained, Beijing Youth Daily reported, without elaborating. It said the tiger escaped during the circus’ first public show, which had not been registered with the local authorities.


A Chinese tiger was killed after it was escaped from a circus.

While on the run, the tiger apparently bumped into a car. One day later the tiger was tracked and tranquilised before transported to a zoo.

In the picture you can see that the care for the tiger was unsatisfactory.

Two people of the circus have been detained.

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