Timur the tiger friend

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United Kingdom – Metro

How a brave billy goat and a Siberian tiger became best friends.


A goat has died of ‘natural causes’ four years after forming an unlikely friendship with a Siberian tiger having being fed to it as live prey.

Timur the Russian billy goat was intended to be the big cat’s lunch in 2015 but for some reason, he didn’t quite fancy what was on the menu that day.

Tiger Amur could have killed the goat in an instant but never did and the pair soon became the most extraordinary of friends and playmates. Incredible footage shows the pair playing together at a safari park, in eastern Russia, with Timur bravely head-butting the tiger.


Timur, a Billy goat, was supposed to be the lunch for the tiger some 4 years ago, died a natural death.

But the tiger didn’t like his lunch and they became friends, extraordinary friends.

Recently the vet discovered ailments with the goat and now the goat passed away because of natural causes, leaving the tiger alone.

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Tiger facts

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India – Boom Live

Tigers On The Prowl In Madhya Pradesh? Old Images Recycled To Create A Scare.


A set of several unrelated images of a tiger and a leopard on the prowl are viral on social media with false claims that the animals were spotted near the national park area of Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh.

The posts feature images of a tiger crossing the road at night and another where a tiger can be seen devouring a cow. Another image is of a leopard photographed from a nearby tree, sitting amidst motorbikes lying on the ground. In the next image, men can be seen taking shelter on a tree, possibly to save themselves from the leopard.


Some people in India like to scare others and are spreading fake news about tiger and leopard attacks.

Such a shame.

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Bangla tiger dead

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Bangladesh – United News of Bangladesh

Dead Tigress Wasn’t Poisoned, Says Forensic Report.


The Royal Bengal Tiger found dead in the Sundarbans was not poisoned; rather it died a natural death, according to the test report of forensic and CID labs.

Forensic laboratory of the Forest Department submitted the test report after one month on Wednesday morning. 

Kanak Roy, a senior lab technician of Wildlife Crime Control Unit, said five types of samples of the tiger were tested in their forensic lab.


One month ago a dead tiger was found in the Shrankhola range of the Bangladesh part of the Sundarbans.

Poisoning was mentioned a lot by people when discussing the possible cause.

But now forensics have declared that poisoning was not the cause of death.

The tiger died a natural death.

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Dead Malayan tiger

The Malayan tiger captured in a village in Dungun, Terengganu after it was spotted strolling casually has died from the canine distemper virus, the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) said today.

In a statement, the department said the tiger, named Awang Besul, sported injuries to its legs and an eye infection. It was also dehydrated when it was captured.

The Malayan Tiger was transferred to the National Wildlife Rescue Centre (NWRC) in Sungkai, for intensive treatment from Perhilitan’s veterinary doctor, and was quarantined.

“Observations at the NWRC between July 20 to July 23 show neurological symptoms. It was not aggressive, walking in circles, experienced seizures and had nasal discharge.

“After various efforts to treat and save Awang Besul, we are saddened to inform that at 5.30am, Awang Besul was confirmed dead at the NWRC by Perhilitan’s veterinary doctor, and a post-mortem would be conducted soon,” said Perhilitan.

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