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Thai zoo declared ‘hell on Earth for animals’ where tigers and other animals have been left emaciated during Covid lockdown

A notorious Thai zoo has sparked concern for the health of its animals after it reopened to visitors following the Covid lockdown.

People found bears begging for food in tiny enclosures, emaciated tigers and cattle, crocodiles swimming in filthy water and orangutans desperately reaching out to tourists behind bars.

A vet dispatched by the government said the


India’s ‘fastest’ highway crosses tiger reserve – wildlife passes are a blister for the bleeding

The zero mile: In three months from now, Maharashtra’s Samruddhi Mahamarg–a stretch of 502 km between Nagpur and Shirdi – will be opened for public. Conceptualized in 2015, the 701 km-long and 120-m broad high-speed corridor is designed for a top speed of 150 kmph. Construction work for the project that cut across 10 districts of Maharashtra had begun in


Sundarbans: Let’s save our best friend

The Sundarbans plays a motherly role in protecting Bangladesh from natural disasters. The Sundarbans has become essential to our lives for a variety of reasons. The Sundarbans is the largest delta in the world and one of the longest saline wetlands and a very important ecosystem rich in biodiversity. Its area in Bangladesh is 6,017 sq km. There are 334


How India destroys nature – 10 examples

The terrible glacier disaster in Uttarakhand's Chamoli district once again started the conversation around reckless developmental activities that are major contributors to unfortunate calamities, even if not always the prime cause of their occurrence.

While the exact cause behind the Uttarakhand tragedy is still being ascertained, these events are a grim reminder of the consequences of development without caring for mother


In Indian Sariska, even tigresses brought in to repopulate the reserve face sexism

How do we unravel the complexities and contradictions of tiger conservation? People tolerate a Tiger killing cattle, but the attitudes of villages are different from each other. Some people want to leave a forest which does not see new roads, schools and hospitals, and others would rather be shot than leave.

Realistic article about the difficulties of women and tigers.


South Africa is main supplier of USA wildlife killings convention

South Africa represents the biggest percentage of hunting outfitter exhibitors at the Dallas Safari Club (DSC) annual convention, according to the Humane Society International (HSI). The DSC, a Texas-based trophy hunting industry organisation, hosts the USA’s biggest industry hunting event, which is being held online this year. Based on research conducted by both the HSI and the Humane Society of


Tigress Avni killing | Supreme Court issues notice to Maharashtra forest officials

Justice for Avni is still active. The Supreme Court on Wednesday prima facie said “celebrations” after the killing of tigress Avni in November 2018 “clearly violated” the law.

A Bench led by Chief Justice of India Sharad A. Bobde issued notice to Vikas Kharge, Principal Secretary, Department of Revenue and Forests, Mumbai, and other Maharashtra forest department officials on a contempt

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