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Climate Crisis: 10 Bollywood And Hollywood Actors Doing Their Bit To Save The Planet.


Over the last few years with the dawn of the social media age, the number of ‘celebrities’ we know of has drastically increased. ‘Celebrity’ no longer only defines movie stars and famous athletes but YouTubers and social media influencers as well. Whether we want to admit it or not, celebrities tend to have a great impact on us. In fact, a celebrity endorsement can translate to a 4% increase in sales within a short period of time according to Marketwatch, as cited by Forbes.

It is almost impossible to escape influencer culture whether you love them or hate them they impact our lives with their endorsements. “Because we look up to celebrities as our role models. They have a very powerful influence on our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour. How much of an impact they have on us depends on their social media standings and media coverage,” said Shanti Dsouza, a psychology teacher.


In the article you’ll find 10 examples of celebrities that ‘do their bit’ to save the planet. Of course we all know Leonardo Dicaprio but there are more that want to save our planet as well!

It also raises the question: is it enough what Hollywood/Bollywood is doing?

Or must they do more?

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