China approves sale of traditional medicine products to treat Covid-19

China has approved three traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) products for sale to help treat Covid-19, the government's National Medical Products Administration announced on Wednesday.

The agency used a special approval procedure to green-light the three products, which "provide more options for Covid-19 treatment," it said in a statement.
The herbal products come…


Two white tiger cubs in Lahore zoo died likely of Covid-19

Autopsy of the two white tiger cubs found their lungs were badly damaged and they were suffering from severe infection. Pathologists have concluded they died from Covid-19.

Two 11-week-old white tiger cubs that died in a Pakistani zoo last month appear to have died of Covid-19, officials said.

The cubs died in…

Bionic tiger undergoes second hip surgery

Second surgery for zoo tiger in the USA was needed as the 10 year old Malena managed to dislodge the first artificial hip.

The cause for the operation is arthritis, as mentioned by spokesmen of the zoo. The real cause however, is not mentioned. Animals in zoos have not enough…

Setback for bionic hip tiger

Animals in captivity live longer but have more problems. Artritis is one of many well-known illnesses of captive tigers. Malena, a 21 year old tigress, really suffered from artritis and needed to be operated. A special operation as she got a 'bionic' hip, an orthopedic implant.

It is no surprise that…

Minnesota tiger tests corona-positive

A 21-year old tigress from a Minnesota (USA) sanctuary tested corona-positive. "It's a good reminder that the virus can be transmitted from people to animals," said Dr. Beth Thompson, state veterinarian. People who test positive with COVID-19 or suspect they have it should avoid contact with pets and other animals…


Tiger receives bionic hip

Malena, a 10-year-old endangered tiger at a zoo in Illinois, has received a total hip replacement due to arthritis. Veterinarians determined a total hip replacement was the best course of action, due to the severity of the lesions and Malena's age. This is believed to be the first time the…