Tiger cubs pets

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USA – Humane Society

Senator introduces bills to restrict private possession of big cats, primates.


Ten years ago, Americans were stunned by a pet chimpanzee’s vicious attack on a Connecticut woman, Charla Nash. The animal bit off Nash’s fingers and toes, tore off most of her face, and left her fighting for her life. The chimpanzee, Travis, was shot and killed by a police officer concerned for his own life. Two years after that incident, we were shocked once again by a report from Zanesville, Ohio, where a mentally disturbed man released his private menagerie of 50 tigers, lions, cougars, bears, wolves and primates before committing suicide. In the ensuing chaos, law enforcement officials were forced to kill most of the animals.


Please share with US citizens that love animals.

A US Senator has finally introduced a long-awaited bill.

The Big Cat Public Safety Act, S. 2561 and H.R. 1380, would prohibit public contact with captive tigers, lions and other big cat species, and it would prohibit the possession of big cats by individuals and roadside zoos and other businesses unless they are licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The bill would not impact professionally run zoos and sanctuaries or their conservation programs.

If you live in the US please contact your senators or representatives in Congress to vote in favor of this bill.

It is needed!

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Siegfried & Roy tiger

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Who's to blame? Siegfried & Roy address new claims over infamous tiger attack in exclusive 20/20 trailer.


It’s been almost 16 years since performer Roy Horn of the famous duo Siegfried & Roy was attacked on stage and nearly killed by a tiger during their Las Vegas magic show, on Oct. 3, 2003.

Now, for the first time in over a decade, Siegfried Fischbacher and Horn are sitting down together for an emotional primetime interview, to tell their version of events from that night.


It took 16 years to come up with a plausible story about why the tiger attacked Roy Horn of famous duo Siegfried & Roy in a Las Vegas show.

In the end it is just pointing fingers without blaming the tiger. But the tiger just did what a tiger does: being inpredictable.

Especially when they are in captivity.

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USA tiger circus

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USA – Times Record

Arkansas Animal Advocates Upset About Tiger Show At State Fair.


Fort Smith residents are in an uproar about a traveling tiger show taking place at the Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair.

Nerger’s Tiger Show, touted as the largest group of performing tigers, is a midway act.

A 2017 article from 911 Animal Abuse, shared by Fort Smith Animal Services Advisory Board member Stacie Cox, said animals jump through hoops, make pyramids and “dance.” The show was employed at the time by Hawthorn Corporation, which was fined by the United States Department of Agriculture and had its licensed revoked.


The USA makes itself completely ridiculous again.

Besides that USA-citizens in most states can have a tiger (an endangered animal on the CITES-list) as a pet, it now reaches a new low.

A circus act that violated animal rights before is allowed to perform again, only because it uses a permit of another proxy, despite of protests of animal welfare groups.

How low can the USA go?

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China tiger rental

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China – Sixth Tone

‘Rental Tigers’ Advertised Ahead Of Chinese Holiday.


As China’s weeklong National Day holiday approaches, the prices of some surprising animals available for rent have nearly quadrupled — with leasing a tiger for the holiday week costing up to 60,000 yuan ($8,500), according to a report Tuesday from domestic outlet Qianjiang Evening News.

Following a series of animal abuse scandals and animal welfare awareness campaigns, a growing proportion of the Chinese public has called for boycotts of animal performances. Only in certain villages and rural counties does local demand continue to support such performances. But the sluggish market has also carved out a niche for profit-minded circuses to lease their animals for short periods, according to the report by the Zhejiang-based newspaper.


China – the crazier it gets. Now it seems China has a tiger rental market: you can actually rent or lease tigers. And it is growing as the prices are rocketing.

We can only support Hu Chunmei, head of the Beijing based animal welfare project Freedom for Animal Actors.

Hu, supported by a growing number of Chinese people that want to have a boycott, urges people to report any illegal animals practices they might encounter over the holidays to the authorities.

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United Kingdom – The Independent



“Horrendous” cases of animals being abused to please tourists across Europe have been filmed by investigators.

In one example, a wild bear is put on a skateboard, made to stand upright and pushed on a slide for circus audiences in the Czech Republic, despite looking sick and underfed, the researchers say.

In Germany footage shows elephants being made to sit on small chairs and stand on one leg after “brutal” behind-the-scenes training, it is claimed.


The way America and Asia are dealing with animals in captivity is often cruel and inhumane. There are often devastating reports published on animal abuse.

Now Four Paws, an organization that stands up for animals in captivity, has investigated the way Europe is dealing with animals in captivity.

The results are shocking. Read more in this articele.

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Tiger circus

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USA – San Antonio Express News

An Unspoken Bond Between Trainers And Their Circus Animals.


Elsewhere in the arena is Ryan Holder with his “girls.” That’s what he calls his female tigers.


Holder leans against the cage that surrounds the ring. He is inside the ring with four tigers. All he has with him is his phone.

He bends down and one of the white American tigers rubs against his black shirt, leaving a trail of fur on it. On the front of his shirt is his company name, ShowMe Tigers.


More and more countries have a ban for circuses that exploit wild animals.

But not the USA – one of the three countries in the world that can be described as the axis of evil for tigers (with Thailand and China as the two others).

As long as this is allowed, tigers (and other animals) are being exploited, have to live in small cages, are being dominated and mentally destructed, without proper food and with a constant public pressure to deal with.

Tiger trainers are an important part of tiger exploitation. Ryan Holder is a part of a nasty supply chain, and he is even proud of what he is doing.

He even braggs about having donated US$ 30.000 to tiger conservation.

It’s like making money out of molesting children and then donating to a charity that warns about molesting children.

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Tiger circus

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China – South China Morning Post

Circus Tiger Escapes During Show In China, But Dies After Being Captured And Sent To Zoo.


A circus tiger that escaped from its cage during a show in central China was captured by police after an overnight search, but died while it was being transported to a nearby zoo, according to media reports.

Two people from the circus where the tiger was raised in the county of Yuanyang, Henan province, have been detained, Beijing Youth Daily reported, without elaborating. It said the tiger escaped during the circus’ first public show, which had not been registered with the local authorities.


A Chinese tiger was killed after it was escaped from a circus.

While on the run, the tiger apparently bumped into a car. One day later the tiger was tracked and tranquilised before transported to a zoo.

In the picture you can see that the care for the tiger was unsatisfactory.

Two people of the circus have been detained.

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Myrtle Beach Safari tiger

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USA – Peta.org



PETA has just learned that Ryan Easley, Circus World’s notorious big-cat exhibitor, acquired two tiger cubs in July from Myrtle Beach Safari, a roadside zoo in South Carolina operated by Bhagavan “Doc” Antle. Antle has a long history of violating the federal Animal Welfare Act, including by endangering the public and by failing to provide animals with needed veterinary care, sufficient cage space, and clean water.

In addition, he uses animals for harmful hands-on encounters, photo ops, and publicity-driven videos, including one featuring a chimpanzee named Sugriva who was separated from his mother as a baby—a common practice in the industry. And in 2014, Antle came under fire from PETA for a shameless—and dangerous—stunt in which he took two chimpanzees to a screening of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.


Myrtle Beach Safari, a shabby roadside zoo, provides famous circus illegally with tigers.
Myrtle Beach Safari has a long history of violating the federal Animal Welfare Act, including by endangering the public and by failing to provide animals with needed veterinary care, sufficient cage space, and clean water.

Montecore white tiger

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USA – USA Today

Siegfried & Roy Deny Trainer's Allegations That They Caused Horrific 2003 Tiger Attack.


Siegfried & Roy are speaking out against their tiger handler’s allegations that Roy Horn was to blame for the infamous tiger attack that almost killed him in 2003.

Horn, 74, was mauled and dragged offstage by Montecore, a 400-pound Siberian tiger, during a live show on Oct. 3, 2003, ending Siegfried & Roy’s successful Las Vegas run.

Following the attack, Horn adamantly said the tiger “saved my life” by dragging him to safety after he suffered a stroke. But trainer Chris Lawrence told the Hollywood Reporter in March that Horn made an error onstage that almost cost him his life.


Entertainers Siegfried & Roy abused tigers and other endangered animals to entertain people to make money.

In 2003 Roy was mauled by Montecore, a bred white tiger, which ended their career in Las Vegas.

Now the tiger handler, another abuser, comes out in the open, saying the mauling was not an accident but an attack because Roy didn’t follow procedures.

Tiger cuddling

The starting point is Lion Yard on Sunday between 8am and 9am and participants are encouraged to dress as tigers.

Join the nine-mile walk from Cambridge city centre out to Shepreth Wildlife Park on ‘Tiger Day’. Anyone who feels like dressing up and getting some exercise is welcome.

There is no joining fee, all For Tigers – the organisers – ask is that walkers raise £50 in sponsorship prior to walking.

This is a fun activity, perfect for all the family, and at the end of it are two gorgeous Sumatran tigers Ratna and Kelabu now living in Shepreth Wildlife Park.

Funds raised from this event will be buying materials to directly improve the lives of 20 tigers confiscated from Tiger Temple by the Thai Department of National Parks (DNP).

Wooden platforms, logs and sandpits will all be provided in order to improve the concrete cages these tigers live in.

Brunon tiger

Witness the awe-inspiring act of Brunon Blaszak’s Royal Tiger Show at this year’s Cattaraugus County Fair through Aug. 4.

Among this year’s free grounds entertainment, the act is part of Blaszak’s “Fang and Claw” tour. The show features Blaszak’s eight magnificent Royal Bengal, Siberian and Sumatran tigers that walk the tight wire and perform choreographed leaping, jumping and dancing.

The act offers performances that are educational, informative and exciting — all with a conservation message. Blaszak said a big part of his show is educating people about tigers. His is not a typical act like people would see at a circus; it’s more informative and educational.

Baraboo tiger

Circus World tiger trainer Ryan Holder plans to introduce two new members of his family this weekend at his second annual after-hours fundraiser to help protect wild tigers.

Born in a United States zoo, two 8-month-old female tigers have joined the eight other cats in Holder’s ShowMe Tigers “family.”

They will make their public debut during “An Evening with Tigers” Saturday at Baraboo’s circus museum in celebration of Global Tiger Day. Tickets to the event are $50 apiece, with all of the proceeds donated to the International Elephant Foundation for its patrolling activities in Way Kambas National Park in Sumatra, Indonesia, Holder said.

Summit County Fair tiger

A tiger show at the Summit County Fair is generating controversy online, but the show operators said they stand by their practice of caging the tigers and prodding them with a stick.

Kinsey Switalski, a California woman originally from Stow, attended the Summit County Fair earlier this week, as is a yearly tradition for her and her friends. While there, she was shocked to see two white tigers being kept in cages, and posted to Facebook video of one of them being prodded with a stick.

“I am beyond disgusted with the fair’s decision to hold this horrible show featuring exotic animals (who seem to be miserable) being whipped and battered with sticks to do circus tricks,” Switalski said in the post, which has received over 1,300 shares and 600 comments. “I won’t be coming back next year, and I hope no one else does either.” Her video of the tiger being prodded has also been viewed over 66,000 times.

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