Tiger King says: “If I ever went broke I think I would euthanise everything, rather than put them in another facility with the same financial stress.”

If one thing must be learned from Tiger King it is the following. The management of sanctuaries is a serieus business. It should be done by serious people with responsibility, knowledge, perseverance and respect for animals. Joe Phoenix any many other are not qualified.…

Is a Sumatra tiger a pet?

Newsweek is a world famous magazine. However, they are still not up to the 21st century standards as we see in this article, where the endangered Sumatra tiger is portraid as a pet.…


Brainless Russian social media stars blasted for posing with drugged lions and tigers at lavish bashes during Covid pandemic

Social media stars in Russia are facing criticism over the use of tigers and lions as glamorous props at wild parties.

Model and influencer Ilona Kotelyukh, 28, held a bash marking the Russian Women’s Day holiday, where guests were entertained with saxophone, striptease and three “sedated” predators.

The Moscow party…


Top five most expensive celebrity pets

All week, the biggest International showbiz buzz has been on pop star Lady Gaga and her stolen bulldogs' heartbreak tragedy story. She even offered to give Sh50,000 million for Koji and Gustav's safe return, which she refers to as part of her family.

Well, the puppies don't come cheap. French…

Loose pet tiger found during winter weather relocated to Texas

A six-month-old, 60-pound pet tiger found during winter weather last week near San Antonio has a new home in Henderson County.

The Humane Society of the U.S. said the tiger was found wearing a harness, indicating she was someone's pet, and was placed at a local wildlife rehab center until the…