Montecore white tiger

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Siegfried & Roy Deny Trainer's Allegations That They Caused Horrific 2003 Tiger Attack.


Siegfried & Roy are speaking out against their tiger handler’s allegations that Roy Horn was to blame for the infamous tiger attack that almost killed him in 2003.

Horn, 74, was mauled and dragged offstage by Montecore, a 400-pound Siberian tiger, during a live show on Oct. 3, 2003, ending Siegfried & Roy’s successful Las Vegas run.

Following the attack, Horn adamantly said the tiger “saved my life” by dragging him to safety after he suffered a stroke. But trainer Chris Lawrence told the Hollywood Reporter in March that Horn made an error onstage that almost cost him his life.


Entertainers Siegfried & Roy abused tigers and other endangered animals to entertain people to make money.

In 2003 Roy was mauled by Montecore, a bred white tiger, which ended their career in Las Vegas.

Now the tiger handler, another abuser, comes out in the open, saying the mauling was not an accident but an attack because Roy didn’t follow procedures.

Dead tiger Bandhavgarh

At the same time that Madhya Pradesh was celebrating the conservation success of the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, three tigers have died in two days.

A tigress and her cub were found dead in Kalwa range of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh ‘s Umaria district. The tigress and her cub died after a fight with a tiger, read a statement from Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve . The carcasses of the tigress and her cub were found on July 28, while the officials are in search for another cub of the tigress and the tiger, which attacked them.

The second incident took place near a village in Umariya range, where a 9-month-old young-adult tiger was killed by a male tiger.

Royal Sundarbans tiger

A crab catcher has been dragged away by a tiger in West Bengal’s Sundarbans, a forest official said on Tuesday.

The incident occurred at South 24 Parganas’ Gosaba on International Tigers’ Day on Monday.

“A tiger dragged away 48-year-old Arjun Mondal by the neck, while he was catching crabs in a creek near Sadakkhali forest with two other friends of Rajatjubuli village,” the official said.

He said that the victim’s friends — Dhruba Mondal and Paritosh Mridha — went after the tiger but could not rescue him.

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