Sanjay tigress

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India – NDTV

Tigress Found Dead In Madhya Pradesh Forest Reserve.


The mutilated carcass of a tigress was found in Sanjay Tiger Reserve’s Khokra forest area at Madhyra Pradesh’s Sidhi, a forest official said on Thursday. Director of the reserve Ashok Mishra confirmed the death of T-20 tigress, but said the exact cause can be ascertained only after an autopsy.

According to a forest official, they were unable to track the location of the three-and-a-half-year-old tigress for the last one week.


A translocated tigress from Panna Tiger Reserve in Indian state Madhya Pradesh was found dead in her new ‘home’ (Sanjay Tiger Reserve) after foresters lost track of her for more than a week.

The body was found heavy mutilated, together with the body of another animal.

An autopsy must ascertain the cause of death.

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Bandipur tiger

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India – Times of India

Prowling tiger captured in Karnataka's Bandipur.


The tiger was injured in the head, ears and other parts The forest department tranquilised a nine-year-old tiger , which had created panic among villagers, near Hediyala , Nanjangud on Sunday.

The tiger had killed a cow in a village on the fringes of Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Some residents had spotted the tiger prowling near the village at night. As panic gripped the area, villagers demanded that the forest department capture the big cat.

The department personnel launched an operation to capture the tiger on Saturday. They placed cameras at various points near the village and at a cotton field, based on pug marks and information from villagers. Forest department personnel launch an operation to capture the tiger.

Forest department personnel take away the nine-year old male tiger after tranquilizing it.


A tiger in India that has lost a tooth and couldn’t hunt anymore was hunted itself by more than 100 people in the Bandipur forests.

Because the tiger couldn’t hunt in the forest anymore, as the canine tooth was broken (crucial for tigers), this tiger went into farmland and villages for easy prey (dogs and cows).

While doing so this tiger (allegedly) also killed two humans.

The hunt for the tiger was successful after intervention of a local tribe, whose members spotted the tiger.

The tiger was tranquilized by a dart and is now in custody. As the tiger was very week thorough examinations will be done to see if it could be released back into the wild.

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K. Ullas Karanth tiger biologist

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India – The New Indian Express



K Ullas Karanth, tiger biologist from the Centre for Wildlife Studies, strongly advocates the killing of ‘problematic’ tigers. In an interview with Amit S Upadhye, Karanth said the recent Bandipur incident is not the first, and that the Forest Department must improvise its standard operating procedures when it comes to catching large carnivores.  

How do you tackle situations where tigers attack humans on the fringes of tiger reserves?
When there is solid proof that a problematic tiger has lost its natural fear of humans and has preyed on them, it needs to be immediately killed. For the past 20 years, rarely have we seen cases of tigers preying on humans. Not much can be done other than quickly killing the animal and paying compensation.


Famous tiger biologists K.Ullas Karanth says that problem tigers, like the one now in Bandipur, should be killed immediately.

Capturing it and releasing it somewhere else is just replacing the problem to another area, as history shows us.

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Tiger hunt on elephants back

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India – The News Minute

Three Days On, Tiger In Karnataka's Bandipur That Killed A Farmer Remains Elusive.


The killer tiger in Karnataka’s Bandipur reserve forest continues to elude the state guards as the hunt to capture it entered the third day on Friday.

“No sign of the tiger yet as it does not remain at one place. Hundreds of wildlife tourists visit Bandipur on safari but see a tiger once or twice as they are not easy to spot in a dense forest. We are doing camera trapping to locate it (killer tiger) and the hunt is on,” state’s Principal Chief Conservator (wildlife) Sanjay Mohan told IANS on phone from the forest.


It is terrible that a tiger in Bandipur Tiger Reserve in India allegedly killed two humans and that because of that the tiger is now being hunted by the forest department to have the tiger relocated.

What is extra terrible – the forest department that hunts this tiger ared oing so on the back of elephants.

No respect for the elephant whatsoever.

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Bandipur tiger

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India – The Weather Channel

Hunt On For Killer Tiger In Karnataka's Bandipur Reserve Forest.


A massive hunt is underway in Bandipur reserve forest in Karnataka’s Chamarajanagar district to trap a tiger which killed two persons, including an octogenarian on Tuesday, a wildlife official said on Wednesday.

“We are on the hunt to locate and trap the killer tiger which mauled 80-year-old farmer Shivappa to death,” state’s Conservator of Forests T. Balachandra told IANS.

The Bandipur Tiger Reserve is an 872 square km forest, situated about 220km southwest of Bengaluru on the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border.


The hunt for the alleged maneating tiger in Bandipure is on.

This tiger allegedly killed two people and is now being hunted, with the intention to relocate the tiger in another area.

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Veeru tiger

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India – ANI

Veeru, a 3-year-old tiger died in the Sewai Madhopur area of Rajasthan.


Veeru ‘ a three-year-old tiger , who died of critical injuries sustained in a territorial fight last week with another tiger, was given its last rites by the staff of the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve at the Aama Ghat here on Friday.

The tiger T-109 or Veeru was discovered in a severely injured and dehydrated state on September 30, after it scuffled with another tiger in the forest allegedly over forest territory.


Veeru was a 3 year old tiger in Ranthambore. He died after a territorial fight with another tiger.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve will face many more of these territorial fights, as well as increasing human tiger conflicts.

The reason for this is that conservation of tigers has become too succesful with many offspring. Now more than 70 tigers live in an area where only 50 could live.

Many people and businesses were (and still are) coming to the area because of the success. Because of this (new born) tigers can’t move away to get into new habitats.

The government of Indian state Rajasthan knows this but refuses to take effevtive action.

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Tiger Nepal

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Nigeria – PM News

Tiger kills 48-year-old woman in Nepal.


A wildlife official, on Thursday, said a wild tiger has killed a 48-year-old woman, who was collecting fodder for her cattle near a national park in south-western Nepal.


Apa Baral, Chief Conservation Officer of Bardia National Park, said the woman was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors declared her dead later. He said that the woman suffered injuries on her head, hands, and face.

In August, wild tigers killed two people near the national park.


A tiger killed a woman near Bardia National Park.

The cause for this is the lack of space for tigers.

Due to conservation success tigers need to look outside the protected area to live.
This causes more chance on human-tiger conflicts as humans tend to live more and more near the protected areas.


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Tiger carcass

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India – The Sentinel

Carcass Of Royal Bengal Tigress Recovered At Kohora Range In Kaziranga National Park.


A carcass of a Royal Bengal Tigress was recovered at Kaziranga National Park.

The decomposed body of a Tigress was found in the Lengta camp area of under Kohora range on Friday. The animal is suspected to have died nearly 6 days ago.

“The dead animal was a matured female. Symptoms suggest that it had died due to infighting with another tiger,” Robindra Sharma, research officer KNP, said.

A post mortem examination carried out by experts verified infighting as the cause of death. The carcass was later burnt in the presence of forest officials.


Another dead tigress was found in India, now in Kaziranga Narional Park in Assam.

A research officer said that the symptoms suggest that she was killed by another tiger.

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Tiger T-104

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India – The Hindustan Times

Ranthambore’s Man-Eater Tiger, T-104 Strikes Again, For Third Kill.


A tiger numbered T-104 from the Ranthambore reserve killed his third human prey, a 30-year-old man, asleep in his farmland-hut in the Karauli district on Wednesday night. Authorities are now faced with the task of capturing and relocating it to a place where it poses less danger to human lives.

A villager said Pintu Mali was in his sleep inside a hut when attacked by the tiger. “It dragged the body inside the forest. When we found out, we raised an alarm” the villager said, adding, the forest officials were informed in the morning.

The body was recovered a few metres from the man’s house on Thursday morning at around 10 am and was handed over to the family after the postmortem, said, forest officials.


T-114 is a tiger in Ranthambore. It allegedly killed 3 humans. The last kill, proven because the tiger was collared after the last incidident, is now the limit: the authorities are now going to capture T-114 and probably relocate the tiger.

If they do the same as with T24 – Ustad, the tiger will end up in a zoo too.

Also this proves again that human-tiger-conflicts just happen too often near Ranthambore. Also it proves that education fails because otherwise the victim would not have slept alone in a farming field – former tiger habitat.

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Delhi zoo tiger

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India – Indian Express

Delhi: Zookeeper Attacked While Trying To Give Water To Royal Bengal Tiger


A 50-year-old zookeeper at the National Zoological Park was attacked by an eight-year-old Royal Bengal tiger early Tuesday morning, said zoo officials.

The incident took place around 4 am when zookeeper Fateh Singh and a contractual labourer went to give water to Rama, the tiger.

“The tiger has been unwell since July and the zookeepers routinely visit it to keep an eye on the animal and give it water or food. At 4 am, when Singh went to check on it, Rama suddenly snapped and hit him on his right hand with its front paw from inside the cage,” said a source at the zoo.


Another incident at the Delhi zoo – now a tiger attacks a zoo keeper who almost lost two fingers.

The excuse is that he brought water.

But how is it possible there is a direct contact with a lethal animal?

The big question is when this zoo is being closed down, because of the many incidents and breaches of protocols.

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Nepal tiger

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Australia – 7 News

Wild Tigers Kill Two People In Nepal.



The man was feeding pigs outside his home early on Sunday when a wild tiger pounced on him, said Ashok Bhandari, warden of the Bardia National Park.


A tiger in Nepal killed two people, near tiger reserve Bardia National Park.

The situation is being monitored by the Nepalse wildlife authorities.

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Montecore white tiger

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USA – USA Today

Siegfried & Roy Deny Trainer's Allegations That They Caused Horrific 2003 Tiger Attack.


Siegfried & Roy are speaking out against their tiger handler’s allegations that Roy Horn was to blame for the infamous tiger attack that almost killed him in 2003.

Horn, 74, was mauled and dragged offstage by Montecore, a 400-pound Siberian tiger, during a live show on Oct. 3, 2003, ending Siegfried & Roy’s successful Las Vegas run.

Following the attack, Horn adamantly said the tiger “saved my life” by dragging him to safety after he suffered a stroke. But trainer Chris Lawrence told the Hollywood Reporter in March that Horn made an error onstage that almost cost him his life.


Entertainers Siegfried & Roy abused tigers and other endangered animals to entertain people to make money.

In 2003 Roy was mauled by Montecore, a bred white tiger, which ended their career in Las Vegas.

Now the tiger handler, another abuser, comes out in the open, saying the mauling was not an accident but an attack because Roy didn’t follow procedures.

Dead tiger Bandhavgarh

At the same time that Madhya Pradesh was celebrating the conservation success of the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, three tigers have died in two days.

A tigress and her cub were found dead in Kalwa range of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh ‘s Umaria district. The tigress and her cub died after a fight with a tiger, read a statement from Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve . The carcasses of the tigress and her cub were found on July 28, while the officials are in search for another cub of the tigress and the tiger, which attacked them.

The second incident took place near a village in Umariya range, where a 9-month-old young-adult tiger was killed by a male tiger.

Royal Sundarbans tiger

A crab catcher has been dragged away by a tiger in West Bengal’s Sundarbans, a forest official said on Tuesday.

The incident occurred at South 24 Parganas’ Gosaba on International Tigers’ Day on Monday.

“A tiger dragged away 48-year-old Arjun Mondal by the neck, while he was catching crabs in a creek near Sadakkhali forest with two other friends of Rajatjubuli village,” the official said.

He said that the victim’s friends — Dhruba Mondal and Paritosh Mridha — went after the tiger but could not rescue him.

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