Tiger cubs

Neglected by mothers, 3 tiger cubs now make up unlikely family at Ohio zoo


Each neglected by their mothers at birth, the trio has formed their own little social group – being hand-raised by their human caretakers.

The new social group now consists of two subspecies of tigers — one Malayan tiger and two Amur tigers.

The Malayan tiger cub, a 2-month-old named Indrah, recently arrived in Cleveland from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Zoo officials say Indrah was moved to Cleveland after her mother at the Tulsa Zoo did not demonstrate maternal bonding to support her cub. Officials with the Tiger Species Survival Plan Program said they made the decision to send Indrah to Ohio where she would join the two Amur tiger cubs who are in the same situation.

The two Amur cubs – a male and a female who have not yet been named – were born in Cleveland in late December. The pair are the first tigers born in Cleveland in 20 years.

The full article was published by NBCDFW on March 1, 2021.