Tiger attack

‘He pulled my arm into his mouth’: Tennessee teen recalls tiger attack


An 18-year-old former animal sanctuary employee recalled the moment a tiger bit down on her arm in a recent attack.

“He had dug his teeth in it and was like pulling me,” Somer Stevens said, pointing to the marks and stitches left showing on her shoulder. “There’s a lot of the staples go down all the way to the skin graft.”

Stevens was bitten on Jan. 25 at Tiger Haven animal sanctuary, according to the Roane County Sheriff’s Office. Body camera footage shows the aftermath of the attack. Stevens can be seen on the ground while her coworkers used a tourniquet to try to stop her arm from bleeding.

In a 911 call from the sanctuary, an employee told the dispatcher, “Someone got grabbed by one of the tigers.”

This article was published by WGN Radio on February 18, 2021.