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Did the “Indonesian Death Zoo” Shut Down? Cher Calls Out Neglect at Surabaya Zoo


At the Surabaya Zoo, also known as the Kebun Binatang Surabaya, but better known as the “Indonesian Death Zoo,” animals are routinely mistreated, overbred, and reportedly dying at a rate of 25 animals per month. 

A new petition to shut down the Indonesian Death Zoo aimed at the country’s president is gaining traction, as it recently got a boost from animal advocate and pop icon Cher. So is the zoo shutting down? Here’s what we know.

The Surabaya Zoo is a massive zoo that has been in business since 1916, and is “home” to between 2,800 and 4,000 animals. The zoo is still in business — but if a new petition is successful (combined with years of protests from local activists), the Indonesian Death Zoo could finally shut down in the near future.

According to PETA, animals at the Surabaya Zoo are forced to live in dirty, litter-ridden, bare, cramped cages, all while suffering from malnutrition, neglect, and other kinds of mistreatment. A former Surabaya Zoo manager who PETA spoke with estimated that 50 animals died at the zoo over a three-month period. But according to the new petition to shut down the Surabaya Zoo, which was started by activist Loren W., recent reports found that at least 25 animals die at the zoo every month due to inhumane treatment and neglect.

This article was published by Green Matters on February 16, 2021.