Delhi zoo

Delhi zoo keeps on collecting animals – but why?


The National Zoological Park might have remained shut for close to a year, but the zoo officials haven’t been twiddling their thumbs. The lockdown period was used not only to take special care of the animals but also to discuss animal exchanges with other zoos across the country. Therefore, once the Delhi zoo reopens, chinkara and an ostrich will arrive from the Chandigarh zoo, while Jaipur will send a pair of striped hyenas, Bilaspur a bear, Bhopal a Royal Bengal tiger and either Patna or Guwahati, a rhinoceros.

Delhi zoo director Ramesh Pandey told TOI on Wednesday that the focus during the lockdown was not only to improve the habitat of the animals, but also to bring in more species. While the zoo had 83 species of birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians at the end of last year, it now has 88, and it will go up to around 100 soon.

The full article was published by Times of India on February 26, 2021.