White tiger

US Alpine animal sanctuary welcomes white tiger as newest arrival


Animal sanctuaries throughout the world are doing worse since the Covid-19 outbreak. The reason is simple. There is not enough money coming in as many sanctuaries are depending on volunteers (that often pay for one or two weeks of voluntary work) or paying visitors. The truth is that many sanctuaries just can’t survive anymore and have to close down its operations. When this is the case all animals need to shift from one to another sanctuary. Besides this there are often other reasons why sanctuaries take in other animals. She story below is about a white tiger that was nothing more than a artefact at weddings.

Lions, Tigers & Bears got two African wild cats and a white tiger on Tuesday. This was marking the first transfer of animals to the sanctuary since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Animal caretakers and staffers drove up to pick up the tiger and two servals. These are African wild cats about the size of a bobcat. These animals had been living at Rancho Las Lomas. This is a private resort used for weddings, photo shoots, corporate events and other events.

The resort called itself a zoological garden, according to its website. It was home to cats, llamas, zebras, and exotic birds. The resort’s Facebook page offered virtual introductions to Lily the tiger. This was meant to spice up video conferences during the pandemic. The owners ultimately decided they no longer wanted to care of the animals. This was declared by to Bobbi Brink, founder of Lions, Tigers & Bears.