Topeka zoo

Topeka zoo sees may people coming to the zoo because of Global Tiger Day


The Topeka Zoo took part in celebrating Global Tiger Day with their Sumatran tigers.

Across the world, people are celebrating the majestic beasts and bringing awareness to their species.

The Topeka Zoo docent program, which are volunteer teachers focusing on educating anyone at museums and demonstrations, handed out cookies to the first 200 visitors to the tiger section — they were gone quickly! They had tables set up with a tiger pelt, skull and a stuffed animal tiger to show just how small a tiger is born, into what you see at the zoo.

Fawn Moser, Director of Zoo Operations, said it’s important to recognize their Sumatran tigers and educate the youth. As the kids and some adults were walking around in their paper tiger ears provided by some of the docent program’s own.

“Other zoos might not have tigers but have a different SSP (Species Survival Plan) animal so not every zoo can hold everything and so you have to be smart on what you’re able to do and what you want to support,” she said.

Blind Tiger Brewery is partners with Topeka Zoo. If you buy a drink of their Tiger Bite IPA, some of the money will go back to the zoo to help a ranger out in Sukhmantra — looking for poaching threats to tigers.