Houston tiger Missing Texas Tiger

Houston tiger takes stroll on lawn and is still on the loose


A Houston tiger named India still hasn’t been found, three days after it was spotted in a Houston neighborhood and taken away by a man accused of murder.” I am extremely worried about what happens with this tiger and the people around it,” said Carole Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue and star of the Netflix series, “Tiger King.””This has become commonplace in Texas,” she told CNN on Wednesday. Owning a tiger is a violation of Houston law, but it is legal under Texas state law with certain restrictions. When Jose Antonio Ramos discovered the tiger Sunday on his front yard, he thought it was part of a TV commercial – with ample security and safety measures nearby. But it wasn’t.

Ramos gingerly stepped outside “just to really make sure that what I was seeing was accurate, and basically to take a snapshot of it and alert authorities. “His hands trembled as he shot photos and video. The Houston tiger “was making full eye contact with me,” Ramos had earlier told CNN. After posting photos on a neighborhood email forum, Ramos said an off-duty deputy who lives nearby showed up and kept his weapon trained on the tiger. That’s when a neighbor came out of a house and pleaded with the deputy not to shoot the tiger, Ramos said.

Here’s what we know about the tiger spotted in a Houston neighborhood. That neighbor, identified by police as Victor Hugo Cuevas, then straddled and grabbed the Houston tiger and tried to move it away from others, cell phone video taken by Maria Torres and provided to CNN affiliate KTRK shows. When other officers arrived at the scene, Cuevas – who happened to be free on bond for a murder charge – put the tiger in a white SUV and drove off, Houston Police Commander Ron Borza said. Cuevas, 26, then fled with the tiger, authorities said. He is not India’s owner, his attorney said.