Pregnant Amur tigress

Pregnant Amur tigress at Toronto zoo


A pregnant Amur tigress at the Toronto zoo, which marks the first pregnancy in 14 years at the Scarborough institution.

Mazyria, the zoo’s female Amur tiger, is also known as “Mazy”. She is showing signs she is in the final stages of pregnancy. This was announced by the zoo on Thursday.

It could also be a “pseudopregnancy”. This is a stage that shows all the signs of pregnancy, but without any babies. But increasing progesterone levels suggest Mazy is expecting cubs.

The pregnant Amur tigress was introduced to a male tiger (Vasili) in January. Hormone monitoring confirmed they bred between January 17 and 18. The pregnancies of Amur tigers can range from 93 to 112 days, as said by the zoo in a news release.

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