How is Tigress Sundari Doing?

Sundari tiger

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India – Odisha TV

One Year On, Tigress Sundari Still Leads A Caged Life.


Even as one year has passed since Royal Bengal tigress Sundari was kept in an enclosure, the State Forest department is yet to take any decision for release of the captive big cat into the wild.

Sundari which was shifted to Odisha’s Satkosia Tiger Reserve from Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh under the first ever inter-State tiger translocation project in the country in August 2018 was relocated to an enclosure on November 6, 2018 after public outrage over reports of its attack on humans and animals.


Sundari, the tigress that caused an uproar in villages around the area she lived, after attacking humans and animals, was taken from the wild one year ago.

To date nothing has changed. The State Forest Department is afraid to make a decision: either conservationists complain or villagers complain.

But time is running out for Sundari, still condemned to live her life in an enclosure.

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