Conservation Game

The Conservation Game documentary shows cruelty in wildlife trade in US


Lions Tigers & Bears, a US non profit animal rescue group, is hosting a screening of “The Conservation Game.” This documentary highlights the important mission of ending the wildlife animal trade. It will only be seen in California this Friday and Saturday.

Bobbi Brink, founder of Lions Tigers & Bears, says: “The main focus is the disappearing animals. And most of them babies. What happens to them? Where do they go and who’s responsible?” The Conservation Game is a hard-hitting movie that exposes the secret world of the big cat and exotic animal trade that still exists today in the USA.

“It exposes the people who are doing this. And a lot of them are famous,” said Brink. “One of the people you see in the film is Jack Hanna,” added Brink. “And hopefully it will help put a stop to it.” The documentary is about a retired police officer. His love for animals leads him to making a undisclosing discovery. He digs deep and exposes a lot. Like how some celebrity conservationists may be secretly connected to illegal activities. Activities where these beautiful, exotic animals suffer.

“We all want to cuddle and hug baby animals. But at the cost of the animals lives these days. There is not one legitimate organization that does cub petting anymore,” said Brink.

Nola is a white tiger, she was rescued from New Orleans and has been cared for at Lions Tigers & Bears for the last four years. She will be featured in the film.