Thai Tiger hell

Now owners of Thai tiger hell hole claim they remain open


The owners of the Thai tiger hell hole Sri Racha tiger zoo now released a statement they remain open. After the news animal advocates around the world reacted content. Now the owners are saying that the zoo hasn’t been closed permanently. They now claim they are only closed for 14 days quarantine measures. This closure is to comply with the Chonburi Communicable Disease Control Committee’s measures. These are meant to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Sri Racha Crocodile Farm managing director Sumeth Panyasakhon owns the Thai tiger hell hole. This animal exploiter said the the Facebook post by the Tiger zoo’s managing director on permanent closure was untrue. Sriracha Crocodile Farm will continue operating the Tiger zoo. Even if the zoo’s executives do not want to.

The zoos’ managing director, Wasan Temsiriphong, had posted earlier on its Facebook page. On it he said that the Sriracha Tiger Zoo had closed permanently after 24 years of operation. He mentioned that the management would hold a meeting with staff later on to discuss the reasons for going out of business.

Thai tiger hell gets reorganising for better tiger exploitation

The owner however, unveiled new plans to make the zoo operations viable. “We have an idea to renovate the Thai tiger hell hole. To make it a one-stop tourist attraction. The attractions would include a community mall, restaurants and coffee shops. This is a bid to attract Thai tourists,” he said. With his new plans he will even exploit the tigers in a more severe way.

He added that the company was offering 70 per cent discount on its products. Like as crocodile leather bags, meat and food supplements, to stimulate domestic sales. “After the Sriracha Tiger zoo’s Facebook post went viral, we informed the zoo’s executives to delete the message,” he said. “We will take good care of the animals and employees until the zoo is able to reopen.”

This decision comes as a blow to animal advocates around the world.