Thai tiger hell hole

Thai tiger hell hole closes doors: good news for tigers.


A Thai tiger hell hole closes its door for ever. It’s almost the best news possible in a week full of tiger tragedies. The Sri Racha Tiger zoo in Chon Buri near Pattaya is finally closing its doors, after years of battling by animal and tiger advocates and groups.

Sriracha Tiger zoo is a tourist magnet. It is located in Nong Kham near Pattaya and was in operation for 24 years. Wasan Temsiriphong of the Sriracha Tiger zoo said that they will meet with employees on Monday. They will discuss termination payments and the reasons for the decision.

In addition he said that the current restrictions imposed by officials had sealed the zoo’s fate. They always relied heavily on foreign tourists. Moreover they have been trading in very difficult economic circumstances. With only domestic tourists to draw on for the past year they just couldn’t make money anymore with the exploitation of tigers.

Furthermore it is unclear what will happen with the animals who are now exploited at the Thai tiger hell hole.

Thai tiger hell hole

The zoo originally opened on April 23, 1997. It was the largest facility in the world that bred Bengal tigers. There was and still is nothing at the zoo that reminds visitors to tigers in the wild. There are only weird things with regard to tigers to see. Like a nursery where pig mums are feeding tiger cubs. Or tiger mums that feed baby piglets. There is a shooting facility where people can aim at a bucket with food. Hitting the bucket means that 10 or more tigers instantly start fighting for the food. Also there are areas where you can buy food to feed the often lazy but starved tigers. Also visitors could also get a photo feeding or patting a tiger.

All this strangeness was clearly part of the attraction of the Thai tiger hell hole. It attracted busloads of tourist every day. More than a million visitors visited this hell hole for tigers every day. Until Thailand’s borders were closed last year.

No more.