‘A monster we left in the corner’: The endurance of Asia’s tiger trade and the new ‘Tiger Queens’


The seizure of goods en route from Nigeria to Vietnam was shocking in only its size. The Nigerian Customs Service, working with British Border Force officers, intercepted a shipment of 10 tonnes of tusks, bones and scales, believed to be from 709 elephants, 11 lions and 10,658 pangolins.

More than one year into a pandemic believed to potentially have the illegal wildlife trade at its origins, with over two million officially reported dead and trillions of dollars lost; wildlife trafficking appears in rude health.

Most noteworthy from the seizure in January 2021, aside from the staggering numbers of endangered species with a market value of over $16m, is the presence of lion. Wildlife experts believe that African lions have become a casualty of the more nebulous tiger trade.

This article was published by The Independent on February 16, 2021.