Ban on private ownership of big cats – US senators proposal, alarmed by ‘Tiger King’


The Netflix hit show Tiger King has triggered a huge fan following. In addition it now also resulted in a proposed law. This law is to ban private ownership of so-called big cats.

On Monday a group of Senate lawmakers announced they will introduce legislation. In other words, a law to ban unlicensed ownership of tigers and lions. Above all, it will ban public handling of cubs at big cat exhibits.

The Big Cat Public Safety Act was unveiled by four senators. Richard Blumenthal, Susan Collins, Tom Carper, and Richard Burr. In conclusion, it will ban the ownership by unlicensed individuals. And it will ban public contact with cubs at exhibits.

The law is proposed one year after the release of the Netflix hit show. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, showed individuals who owned big cats. For instance private zoos, sanctuaries and wildlife attractions.

The show detailed Joe Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage. He was later sentenced to twenty-two years in prison. He was found guilty for a murder-for-hire plot. Above all there were multiple counts of violating federal wildlife laws.

The senators cited In a press release that the Netflix show gained great popularity. In addition it also raised questions about the way big cats are being treated in captivity.

The original article was published by ABC News on April 20, 2021.